Important Note

  • This SDK is licensed under a Nodesk Library license.
  • Operation has been confirmed with Unity2018LTS and 2019.1.4f.
  • Japanese conversion is supported only for Windows (UWP) and HoloLens.
  • In case of Windows (UWP) and HoloLens, IL2CPP build is required because Windows Runtime API is used. Please refer to here for settings.
  • Android app has been tested for Android 8 and 9 only.
  • iOS app has been tested for the latest version (12.3.1) only.

Platform compatibility

Manufacturer Device Support Remarks
Facebook Oculus Quest  
Oculus Go  
Oculus Rift/S × Future support
Microsoft Hololens  
HTC All × Future support
Windows - For Debug
Mac - For Debug


About collecting statistical information

The following information is collected to improve the SDK.

  • Guide display time
  • Number of input characters
  • App operating platform
  • Input device name
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